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The Hope

We started working at “La Esperanza” back on 23 December, 2003.

We first studied the characteristics of the soil, which mainly consists of what is known as superficial basalt, typical of the geographical center of the country.  Based on that study, we learned about the potential for the farm´s production, and thus we defined the productive profile, and made a decision as to preserve and recover the so called natural pasture.

In this way, “La Esperanza” was defined as a farm dedicated to cattle and fine wool sheep breeding. This decision resulted in a certain selection and choice of breeds: we focused on Hereford for cattle and Australian Merino for sheep.

Once we achieved our goal of producing extra fine wool, the market led us to move away from wool production in 2013. Notwithstanding this, the farm´s potential for the production of fine wool had been proved, and our facilities for its production have been left untouched.

We define MANABI S.A.’s management at “La Esperanza” as the application of knowledge.  This will become evident upon reading this website where we aim to show in the simplest and friendliest possible way details about our activity, as well as the most complete information in connection with our production.

Similarly, we provide information about our management, hoping it may be useful for other farmers.

Natural pasture

The farm is covered by 3,500 hectares of natural pasture, that is, 89% of the total surface area. For a breeding system, this ensures safety when it comes to covering the animal´s food requirements.

Cattle breeding

Bovine herds aim to maximize production (quantity and quality) of weaned calves, encouraging an improvement in the reproductive and productive ...

Production and Results

Pregnancy results - Mothers served - Weaning percentage - Production of equivalent meat


Use of the soil - Paddocks and subdivisions - Supply, storing and distribution of water

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Concepts and experiences applied by the Establishment: we believe this information may be valuable for other farmers.

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An experience that proved to be highly positive and today constitutes a valuable indicator of “La Esperanza´s” potential.

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La Esperanza Ranch - Location and contact details

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'La Esperanza' photo gallery